@ Wednesday, December 16, 2009 ●

I am here for blogging again=)

Today went to cousin's house for mahjong games.. Wahaha=)
Nolar.. i am jokking.. But i did played a round with grandma and aunt..
Well.. not too bad! Grandma said i'm improving.. Huarry!! ^^

The main reason of going cousin's house was he knew that i going for
my studies soon! So, he planned to bring me for a dinner at Sungei Tanggah!
I can say the place was very quiet and relax, but more suitable for couples and
friends for gathering=)

I took these photos at cousin's house:)

Wearing cousin's t-shirt=)


Have a very nice chat with cousins and aunts tonight=)
I can't bear to leave singapore! I LOVE SINGAPORE!!!

Cousin order this for me
* James Broag's Lager * ( The green bottle)
I am still a good girl allright
I didn't get drunk=) Keke
I drink a little only. The rest cousin settle! Huhu^^

Didi enjoyed her meal tonight!
Thank you very much..
Appreciate it=) Love you cousin!

My story ends here!

@ Friday, December 11, 2009 ●



Just received my Orientation Schedule from School
I get shocked when i saw the letter wrote that i have one week orientation.
From what i know is, normally school will only have only one day orientation
but how come i have ONE WEEK?!?!

Thought of going back on the 4th of Jan after my orientation but....
Oh no!!!!! I MISS HOME already.. HELP!!!!!!!

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@ Tuesday, December 08, 2009 ●

今天和好朋友, 青青见面了.. 非常的开心和兴奋!
期待了这么就终于到来.. 呵呵=)

我就准备挥手 可是巴士竟然没有停车, 就在我的眼前走了..
没办法, 我只好坐下一辆的... Uncle你是不是在睡觉啊?!?

还是一样, 没有太大的改变.. 和我认识的一样! 开心和活波的女孩:)
今天青介绍一位朋友给我认识, Francis Tham! 是位不错的男孩..

我和青聊了很多.. 聊了一些我们以前所有经历的故事..
不管是不是 喜 怒 哀 乐..
我相信, 这辈子都很难忘记..
我们就一直说一直说.. 好像说不完一样..
我们有说有笑的.. 真的很开心..


希望我们有时间在见面哦.. 爱你的DIDI=)

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@ Sunday, December 06, 2009 ●

今天因为下雨, 所以没有打算出门
我, 姨姨.. 突然有一个搞鬼的注意.. 呵呵=)

我帮王宝宝打扮打扮.. 看看照片吧!



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@ Thursday, December 03, 2009 ●

Tonight went to bugis with mummy and sister to have our dinner..
The place was very crowded, full of people buying Christmas stuff...

We went to Swensen for our dinner..
The food there not too bad, but the portion is very big!
I have nothing much to post today.
So let's the photos do the talking.. Keke=)

Didi took a photo of this at Bugis Junction=)

Ding ding! Merry Christmas! HOHOHO.....

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@ Monday, November 30, 2009 ●

感觉很不好, 或许是不习惯的关系吧!
心情很复杂, 根本就没有心情

说真的, 我没有把握..

我知道, 我还是得接受..
日子还是一样要过.. 我还是要努力实现我的目标!
我... 会加油的! 相信一切回顺利.. 我会克服所有的问题!
为我加油吧! =)

My story ends here!

@ Thursday, November 26, 2009 ●


Today is her 24th Brithday.. Getting older already.. Keee:)
Jiejie treated us a meal at Marche, Vivocity..
Hmm.. this is my second times been there..

Spanish pella:)
Orange+apple juice=)

Fruits Cake:) Yummyyyy....

Baby lewis

Me and baobei!!

Enjoy my days with him at Vivo and took some photos with him.
I'll treasure the times with you baobei.. love you:)

My story ends here!

@ Wednesday, October 21, 2009 ●


还记得从他出世到现在, 姨姨看着你长大..一转眼你就一岁了!
每次都希望你是我的孩子.. 这么可爱也讨人喜欢.. 呵呵^^
快高长大哦! 姨姨永远爱你=D

My story ends here!

@ Friday, October 16, 2009 ●

I am back from Genting=)
Hmm.. I think this is my five or six times been to genting..
Well, nothing special. Everything still the same like before.
The only different is every time i came here with different people
and different feeling.

YES! This time i went there with my best friend GWEN and her bf
Ryan.Gwen bring along her two friends from Vietnam, Thuy and
Trang.Is not easy to pronouns their name out.
At first, when they told me their name. I was like WAD!!!??
Ur name Thuy (In chinese sounds like LEG)
Another gal names Trang ( In chinese sounds like JAM)
Wakaka.. Erhem.. I know i am bad! SORRY +.+

Okay. Let's back to the topic again GENTING!!!!!!!
I have lotsa fun with them. We stayed there for 3 days 2 night.

First day.
We reached there about in the afternoon 4 plus.
Ryan and gwen go for check in. We got 2 rooms in combine.
Is much more easy for us to wake each other up in the morning.
The first night, gwen sugggest to play cards together. Hmm..
I can't rememer who's idea is that?
The person who lose have to do exercise up and down 10 times..
after when the games is going more excited.. they add more..
20 times.. 30 times... OMG!!
I can say.. this is the most tiring night i ever had..THANK YOU!=.=

The second day. OUTDOOR
gwen wake us up early the morning 9am..
We gals take turn to shower and dress ourselves nicely.
Before we went to outdoor games.. we go for breakfast first..
The food there is very expensive and not niceee..We order
* bak kut teh* ... and the price was RM 30++ each..
Not worth right.. okay, forget it.
My first time and is also my last time.
Allright.. move to outdoor! I think we played all the games there.
I always had a dream to come genting with gwen.
The feeling is totally different when i go out with other friends.
Hmm.. How can i decribed the feeling? More excited?? Well..
Is difficult to say. But i am super enjoy going out with her.
I will post up some photos.. Let's the photos do the talking...

Night time=)
We planned to go to Snow World. Inside was super cold...
We keep running here and there.. Throw the snow to each other.
Wad else? Ohya! We went to Ghost house too.. Tell u, is very scary.
you will not know when the ghost is coming out to catch you.
Trang keep shouting * I WANT TO GO OUT NOW *... Wahaha..
This is what on my mind also.. First time experience is enough. Phew*

We have good news too. Keke! ^^
Ryan and thuy went to casino. Only me and gwen are still under
21 years old. So we stay at room to chit chat and pack our stuff.

Ring Ring Ring....
Gwen: Hello dear..
Ryan: Lao po! I win RM1000 and thuy win Rm900...
Gwen: WHAT!!?!?!
Cindy & Trang: What happened? What they say?
Gwen: Ryan won Rm1000 and Thuy won Rm900
Cindy & Trang: WHAT!! Ask them to buy things for us!!!!
Gwen: Come back come back.. don't play already...
Gwen&Cindy&Trang: HUARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Three of us keep asking for present from them.
End up, they treat us some drink downstair...
I drink till face red red lor.. But i am not drunk k?!

The next morning.. gwen wake me and trang up around 9am..
Trang went for her shower first and i continue lie-ing down on
the bed!Suddenly! Gwen shout!! THEY ARE NOT IN THEIR ROOM!!!
I was like WHAT?! did u check properly?!
so gwen faster make a call to ryan! Know Wad?!
They went to casino AGAIN!!..

We went to Kuala Lumpur after this.. KLCC!!!!
The most popular place in KL( I think so)..
We bring them to have some local food like nasi kuning,
ayam redang etc..
Well.. i think that's all for today.
More photos at facebook.

My story ends here!

@ Saturday, September 26, 2009 ●


Daddy planned to go for blood donation after our lunch. But the nurse said
daddy have high blood pressure so is not suitable.
So mummy and i went to have a try. Is out first time.
But we have to check our blood pressure and sugar first.
Unfortunately, I can't donate because i have low sugar. Aww.. Such a pity=)
Atcually, i want to try but the result always the same.


Mummy went for the donation.

Let's the photos do the talkings...

I am proud of you mummy:)

My story ends here!

@ Friday, September 25, 2009 ●

Didi is back to Malaysia. Finally finished my IELTS course at British
Council for about 5 months plus. I had a wonderful time with my
friends. I am glad to meet u people a lot especially Marlin and Vinda.
I miss Jackie too. She taught me a lot in class. Thank you so much=D

I going to take my IELTS exam at the end of Oktober. I am aiming
a band 6 for myself. Keke:) Good luck^^

Today Grace was planning to have a BBQ party at her house.
But unfortunately, i can't join u guys today. Such a pity, I am sorry!
Hope u all enjoy your meal and take more photos okay?!?

Didi found a school at Pertaling Jaya was recommended by the
the counsellor from IMI. They told me i can finish my Diploma course
at the school and futher my studies again at Switzerland.
The best part was, the certificate was awarded my the school
from Switzerland. Wohoo! I am looking forward to study in this school.
Gambateh yo:)

So i going to apply next week. Hopes everything is going smooth this time.
( Shouldn't be a problem, i think) I don't need any student card this time.

Next week, I will be at Kuala Lumpur. Wanna meet up some friends.
Besides that, I am going for my SHOPPING=) See i can get anything
from there or not. Hehehe.. Wohoo!

I will update more when i am back from KL =)

My story ends here!

@ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 ●


After school, six of us went to Marlin house for lunch. She cooked
some Raya traditional food for us. The taste was nice and delicious.
I not very sure the name of the food. Keke=)

After our meal, all of us was sitting down there duscussing where
we are going after this. In the beginning we were plan to go
for ICE-SKATING but unfortunately, all of us was wearing short!
Awww...Such a pity!!
I think this might be our last gathering. All of us are going back
to our own country. DIDI miss you all:)
Thanks for the happy memories we had together=D

At last, all of us went to K-box at Jurong. The K-box in Singapore was
very cold. I have a lof of fun with u guys. Mostly, we sang english songs.
But Hiro sang Japanese song and I sang Chinese song. Wohoo!!!!!!

Hiro(Japanese), Stella(Indonesian), Grace(China), Marlin(Indonesian) & Me.


My story ends here!

@ Friday, September 18, 2009 ●

Super Import Nights

Didi went to F1 exhibition last night with cousins, sista and my
uncle at S'pore Expo. At first, I was not intrested on this event
but after i have looking around i found it nice and intresting.
The cars there was nice and creatived.

$10 per person=D

Let's the photos do the talking.

Futhermore, the exhibition have SUPER HOT Model
from USA, Taiwan and Thailand.

They are from USA.

They are from Taiwan.

They are from Thailand.

Those Super Hot Models were dancing with the guys who has
answer the question correctly.
You guys are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

My story ends here!